Rockett Productions 

             Produced/ Directed/Filmed/Edited

                 Car Wars                                             Reality                                                                                          Nov 2011-May 2012

                 The Appraisers                                   Reality                                                                                           January- April 2013

                 Son Of The Land                                Reality                                                                                                 May - Nov 2012

                 Vikis Surf Kitchen                               TV Show                                                                                                     March2013

                 The Way Forward                               Reality                                                                                                            Feb 2013

                 Special Needs                                     Promo and Reality                                                                                       Nov 2013

                 Grilling the Game                               Reality                                                                                                          Sept 2013

                 Brant Vogel Music Video                   Music Video                                                                                                   Aug 2013

                 Tom Klane Promo                              Surf Video                                                                                                     Sept 2012

                 Elements Festival promo                  Promo                                                                                                         March2013

                 Gizzleman Rap Video                        Music Video                                                                                               March 2014

                 Miller Feature                                    Kick Starter and Feature movie                                                                    Jan 2014

                 Verizon Fios                                        Commercial Spec                                                                                          Sep 2013

                 Napa Center                                       Fund Raising Corporate Video                                                                    Nov 2013

                 Napa Center                                       Reality                                                                                                            Nov 2013

                  Move On                                             Music Video                                                                                                   July 2014

                 Sign Makers                                        Installation Video                                                                                         May 2015

                 King Of the Streets                            Reality                                                                                                             Aug 2014

                 La Mancha                                          Live Theater recording                                                                                 Sep 2014

                 Marcel Druker                                    Jewelry shopping show                                                                                Sep 2014

                Gem Rock                                           8x 30 min jewelry television show                                                       July Aug 2014

                Grammy Museum                              Live performance recording Judith Owen                                            March  2015

                Wounded Warriors Kitchen              Webisode Cooking Show                                                                            April 2015

                Miss Dance Drill Team                      Miss California Live Dance recording                                                          Feb 2016

                Elizabeth Small                                  Live performance recording                                                                    March 2015

                Miss Dance Drill Team                      Live Street Dance                                                                                         May 2016
                UCLA Dr. Baumic                               Poet Laureate Math Event                                                                          Sept 2016
                 Herbalife 24                                       Commercial                                                                                                  Aug 2016
                Tony Newton                                      Album Release Interview                                                                            Feb 2017 

                Cody Stuart                                        Music Video                                                                                                  May 2017


             Assistant Director 

                Nostalghia                                            Music Video                                                                                                 July 2014


              Roomieloverfriends                             Webisode                                                                                                     Aug 2014

           Director Photography

              Atomic Punks                                        Feature Film                                                                                                July 2016

              Miller Feature                                        Feature Film                                                                                                Jan 2014

               Nocturne Theatrical Performance      Live 3 cam shoot                                                                                       Nov 2014

              Miller kick Starter                                 Kick starter for Feature Film                                                                     May 2013

              San Fernando Rugby Club                   Fund Raiser                                                                                                May 2015

              Matthias Von Bank                               Alexander Paul interview for German TV                                                Aug 2015
              Making of The Explorers Guild           Kevin Costner Novel Release                                                                     Jan 2016
              Explores Guild Rick Ross                      Kevin Costner Amazon Ad                                                                        Feb 2016
              Kevin Costner                                        Live Shoot –         Barnes & Noble                                                            Feb2016
              Kevin Costner Modern  West               Livestream acoustic set                                                                           May 2016

              Kevin Costner Explorers  guild            Live exhibition recording –CS Fullerton                                                 Nov 2016

              Kevin Costner Modern West                Live performance recording – We ARE L.A. Stub hub Arena               Nov 2016
             And Storage for All                               Television Pilot ‘16                                                                                     Dec 2016
             Kevin Costner Modern West                Promo Ranch Florida                                                                            March 2017
             Tig Productions  Screen Test               Bradley Steyn                                                                                            April 2017

             Tig Productions Kevin Costner           Tatanka Story of the Bison South Dakota                                                Oct 2017

             Vetality                                                  Mass shooting prevention online video                                                  Dec 2018

             Glucose Health Iced Tea                     Television Ad                                                                                               Jan 2018

             Thomas Fire Fundraiser                      Ventura City Website                                                                                  Jan 2018

             Toyota USA Saatchi & Saatchi             Social Media Toyota Commercial                                          Jan Feb March 2018


         Camera Operator

            Arqueonatas  Kevin Costner               TV ad                          for clothing company                                             Dec 2014

            Dog Rescue                                           Reality TV                                                                                                    Aug 2013

            Dream Orchestra                                 Recording of  Live Performance                                                               July 2013

            Dorritos                                                Super Bowl Commercial Spec                                                                   Nov 2014

            Preston Pohl                                        Music Video                                                                                                  Jan 2015

            Elizabeth Small                                    Music Video                                                                                            March 2015

            Warriors Kitchen                                 Reality                                                                                                        April 2015

           MoonShine Murders                           Ariel drone shots for Feature                                                                  April 2015

           Kevin Costner Modern West              Live shoot for California Tour                                                                  Aug   2015

           Kevin Costner                                      The making of the Explorers Guild                                                         Aug   2015

           Kevin Costner                                      Promo for Black and White movie for Dish Fios Direct TW ATT          April  2015

           Kevin Costner Modern West              Live performance recording Malibu Guitar Festival                             May   2015

           Avi Productions                                   Latino Medical Association Video                                                            June 2015
           Arqueonautus Clothing                      Fall ’15 Clothing Line Video                                                                         Jan 2015

           Kevin Costner modern West
           Live Performance Recording            Folsom x2, Napa, Ventura County Fair, Solano Beach, Belly Up Salon  Mar 2016
           The Shark Club                                   Time Lapse of the renovation                                                                    May 2015
           Phame Expo                                        Live Broadcast Recording                                                                            Feb 2016
           PCWI Travel Expo                               Live Broadcast/Stream                                                                                Aug 2016
           Christina Cosmetics                           Television Advertisement                                                                            Dec 2016
           ESPN                                                    Super Bowl Party Red Carpet & Time Lapse                                             Feb 2016
           DVBBS Tommy Chung                        E P Release Video ‘16  (Over 1 million visits)                                            Dec 2016
           Bigger Hammer                                  ASCAP Screenwriters Awards                                                                    May 2017

           Bigger Hammer                                  ASCAP Pop Awards                                                                                     May 2017
           Bigger Hammer                                  AT Kearney Four Seasons AGM                                                                 Nov 2017 

           Bigger Hammer                                  Mazda  LA Auto Show Mazda 6 reveal                                                      Nov 2017    

         On Staff with

           Bigger Hammer                                    2016 to current
           Tig Productions                                    2014 to current
           Rockett Productions                            2013 to current
           EyeQ Productions                                    2012 to 2013

           Ramble West                                             2011 to 2013