Preston Pohl Teaser



TV and Film production

Reality Unscripted TV

Music Videos

Crowd funding Videos

Commercials Advertising

Feature Films

Scripted Series

Teasers and Pilots

Visual Presentations


Ariel/Drone Videos 

Time lapse Videos

Editing, Vfx,

You tube, Vimeo, projects



Canon full frame 5Dmk 4 6D, Canon 70D, Canon 80D, Canon 5DMk 3, L series lenses

Panasonic HVX 200 high def x3,                                                                

Panasonic DVX 200 4k x2,

Red scarlet 4k,

GO Pro 4k
DJI phantom Drone with FPV monitor and Gimbal.

Yunnec Typhoon H Drone 4k camera
DJI Ronin with Support
Sennheiser lavaliers x 3
Sennheiser Oktava microphones x3
Sound devices mixer
Tascam dr 60 dr 100 audio recorders
Ktec boom and Sennheser Zeplin and wind Muf
Kino Diva x 2 

Dracast Leds 3 light Kit                                                                                                                 
Lowel Dp 3 light kit 
Lowel omni lighting kit
2  1.2 k HMI lights and 3 Fresnels lights
Gels Scrims flags Diffusion
Dracast Led interview lights
Dana Dolly and track
Cartoni Tripods
Libec Tripod
Miller tripod

Sachtler Tripod

Media data transfer Mac laptop media cards, readers and raid drives



Rockett Productions